Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Dad!!

Someone you know that will always be there for you till the end and watch you grow up.......................

Well this one goes out to my Dad i love my dad so much he is a BIG part of my life and always will be. Im always gonna be my dads little girl. He teaches me how to be tough, a leader, sweet, strong, and the most important thing......a CHRISTIAN <3 He always has a shoulder to cry on and i always am waiting for that special word!!! Hey there is my "SISSY" when i was little he would rock me back and forth let be lay on his chest and sing to me while i fall asleep. Now that i am a big girl he is the one who taught me the moves and also the Music thats all i live for. Anytime we are in the car thats the only thing i can not live with out me and him love Jamming out to 80's music or rock country anything you name it? He is my dad and also my Buddy for life and to this day i will never forget this note i have wrote to My Dad that i call my Hero (: I love you