Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day #4

                                                             Chloe Lauren Cleveland. Wow there are so many memories to start with and from when we were little to now we are 13 year old young ladies. Chloe is always thinking positive never negative. She is always gonna be my sister forever and always this is the person who inspires me the most. Disneyland,California,Beach,Softball,flour fights, and most of all just being together till the end. God has given me one of the best friends in the world she is always there for me no matter what it is? If i ever need anything i go straight to her before anyone else. We have the best laughs and memories any other people can have ours are the best! If she maybe acting wild ill tell her to drink a SHAKE!!! and of course i would need a chili dog haha!!! Good times Good times(: Chloe is always part of the family and so am I. Well this is day 4 hope you likey!! Love ya and I love you CHLOE!!!<3

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