Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Forever Young

 Well here to start off is the beginning of summer. I have had so much fun with these girls from the beginning of elementary school. I will mostly miss 7th grade and will never forget the best times we have had. In this picture there is so many funny things to be said and crazy things we did. Haha i love these girls and will never want to leave them. I hope we grow out to be friends till the end of hugh school and so on..(: God has given me the best funny,amazing, great, loving, beautiful, trusting, crazy, cute, BEST FRIENDS. I am willing to start this summer off as a great adventure and will always remember this summer loving <3 haha everyone have a great summer and hope to see you all around <3

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Dad!!

Someone you know that will always be there for you till the end and watch you grow up.......................

Well this one goes out to my Dad i love my dad so much he is a BIG part of my life and always will be. Im always gonna be my dads little girl. He teaches me how to be tough, a leader, sweet, strong, and the most important thing......a CHRISTIAN <3 He always has a shoulder to cry on and i always am waiting for that special word!!! Hey there is my "SISSY" when i was little he would rock me back and forth let be lay on his chest and sing to me while i fall asleep. Now that i am a big girl he is the one who taught me the moves and also the Music thats all i live for. Anytime we are in the car thats the only thing i can not live with out me and him love Jamming out to 80's music or rock country anything you name it? He is my dad and also my Buddy for life and to this day i will never forget this note i have wrote to My Dad that i call my Hero (: I love you 

Day #5

Well somewhere i want to go to collage.........Florida Gators <3


                        I have always wanted this dream is to go to Florida and play some softball. I know i live in Arizona i may have to stay here and go to collage because my mom and dad want me close haha(: But right now i am living my dreams on what i want! I love the colors and the sports man ship they are having. All i have to say is "Its Great To Be a Florida Gator"! (:

                        And that is my Goal and Dream to be just like my Dad #16 <3

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Justin Bieber

OMG Justin bieber so many things to say! Well this is the boy i would want to marry any day of the year! He is just so dang Gorgeous <3 Well i went to his concert and omg i literally cried thats how much i love him! His movie was so Great it had a touchy feeing to it and was kinda sad too that what he has to go through. Now the new gossip is he has a GF :(  (Selena Gomez) I dream and dream every day that he would walk into the door while i am sitting there in lazy school which i know will never happen :/  But like he says never say never!(:  Well i had to post this haha LOL (: Love you Justin <3

Day #4

                                                             Chloe Lauren Cleveland. Wow there are so many memories to start with and from when we were little to now we are 13 year old young ladies. Chloe is always thinking positive never negative. She is always gonna be my sister forever and always this is the person who inspires me the most. Disneyland,California,Beach,Softball,flour fights, and most of all just being together till the end. God has given me one of the best friends in the world she is always there for me no matter what it is? If i ever need anything i go straight to her before anyone else. We have the best laughs and memories any other people can have ours are the best! If she maybe acting wild ill tell her to drink a SHAKE!!! and of course i would need a chili dog haha!!! Good times Good times(: Chloe is always part of the family and so am I. Well this is day 4 hope you likey!! Love ya and I love you CHLOE!!!<3

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day #3

Someone you have known since Preschool haha yeah thats right Hannah Earline Smith(:  We have good times together and have fun!!! I know our friendship will grow more and more. She has a great heart and is always thinking positive and i know she will always be there for me <3 Hannah i love you and always will (: and this is my Day 3!! <3

Day #2(:

My best friend Brock Richard Purdy. We love to be together no matter what we do. Yeah we may fight a lot but we are always there for each other and be sister and brother forever.Brock is my best friend we play baseball together make funny jokes and we are real BIG goofballs (; Lots of people say we look alike and i love that cuz he is my lil bro and always will be! If Brock is scared at night or having a bad time he always comes to me or my room and says "Whittney can i sleep with you"? and my response is YES! From getting baptized brock always looks up to me and what i do. If i cried he cried too he has such a great heart <3. I wanted to post this because this is my challenge for today haha thats how much i love my Little Bro. Brock Purdy! I love you <3