Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day #2(:

My best friend Brock Richard Purdy. We love to be together no matter what we do. Yeah we may fight a lot but we are always there for each other and be sister and brother forever.Brock is my best friend we play baseball together make funny jokes and we are real BIG goofballs (; Lots of people say we look alike and i love that cuz he is my lil bro and always will be! If Brock is scared at night or having a bad time he always comes to me or my room and says "Whittney can i sleep with you"? and my response is YES! From getting baptized brock always looks up to me and what i do. If i cried he cried too he has such a great heart <3. I wanted to post this because this is my challenge for today haha thats how much i love my Little Bro. Brock Purdy! I love you <3

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